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Reservoir management and prediction from closure to the long-term

The task of this work package is concerned with reservoir technical management, specifically focussed on site abandonment. Key elements in this WP are
  • demonstration of long-term integrity and
  • stabilisation of abandoned CO2 storage sites,
  • development of an associated monitoring program and
  • development of potential remediation methodologies.

These elements are highly site-specific, and they will be investigated in relation to four storage sites: Ketzin (Germany), K12-B (Netherlands), Sleipner (Norway), and Otway (Australia), each representing very different (hydro)geological and environmental settings (i.e. on-shore / off-shore, natural gas reservoir / saline aquifer).

The research results will feed directly into the work package “Best Practice and Regulatory compliance”, where the dry-run documentations for site abandonment applications will be defined to be evaluated by regulatory bodies. Additionally, risk management in CO2 storage site abandonment will also be affected.

The main objectives of this work package can be summarised as follows:
  • Understanding of issues crucial to long-term storage integrity. Both long-term potential deterioration and stabilisation processes will be studied at the sites of the CO2CARE portfolio;
  • Study of conformity between monitored and simulated site behaviour; assessment of short-term performance and assessment of long-term stability of storage;
  • Development and implementation of monitoring techniques suitable for site abandonment;
  • Development and numerical assessment of remediation techniques suitable for site abandonment.

The integrated evaluation of geophysical monitoring results, updated geological models and reservoir simulations enables an iteratively enhancing history matching and better understan-ding of the long term reservoir behaviour.